10x 10ml Multi Pack Dainty’s E-Liquid 3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg 50/50 28 Flavours


Multi Pack of 10x 10ml Bottles     

Good Value

Dainty’s 10ml Range

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£13.99Out of stockApple and Mango3mg/ml
Out of Stock
£13.994 in stockApple and Mango6mg/ml
£13.992 in stockApple and Mango12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockApple and Mango18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockApple3mg/ml
£13.993 in stockApple6mg/ml
£13.992 in stockApple12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockApple18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockApple Pie3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockApple Pie6mg/ml
£13.993 in stockApple Pie12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockApple Pie18mg/ml
£13.993 in stockBlack Jack3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBlack Jack6mg/ml
£13.994 in stockBlack Jack12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBlack Jack18mg/ml
£13.993 in stockBlackcurrant Menthol3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBlackcurrant Menthol6mg/ml
£13.996 in stockBlackcurrant Menthol12mg/ml
£13.993 in stockBlackcurrant Menthol18mg/ml
£13.993 in stockBlue Slush3mg/ml
£13.996 in stockBlue Slush6mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBlue Slush12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBlue Slush18mg/ml
£13.991 in stockBlueberry3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBlueberry6mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBlueberry12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBlueberry18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBubblegum3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBubblegum6mg/ml
£13.994 in stockBubblegum12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockBubblegum18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCherry Cola3mg/ml
£13.9910 in stockCherry Cola6mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCherry Cola12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCherry Cola18mg/ml
£13.996 in stockCherry Menthol3mg/ml
£13.991 in stockCherry Menthol6mg/ml
£13.996 in stockCherry Menthol12mg/ml
£13.996 in stockCherry Menthol18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCherry3mg/ml
£13.994 in stockCherry6mg/ml
£13.993 in stockCherry12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCherry18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCoffee3mg/ml
£13.993 in stockCoffee6mg/ml
£13.991 in stockCoffee18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCola3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCola6mg/ml
£13.993 in stockCola12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockCola18mg/ml
£13.993 in stockFruit Salad3mg/ml
£13.996 in stockFruit Salad6mg/ml
£13.991 in stockFruit Salad12mg/ml
£13.994 in stockFruit Salad18mg/ml
£13.993 in stockGrape & Blackcurrant3mg/ml
£13.991 in stockGrape & Blackcurrant6mg/ml
£13.994 in stockGrape & Blackcurrant12mg/ml
£13.993 in stockGrape & Blackcurrant18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockIceberg3mg/ml
£13.993 in stockIceberg6mg/ml
£13.992 in stockIceberg12mg/ml
£13.993 in stockIceberg18mg/ml
£13.99Out of stockIce Mint3mg/ml
Out of Stock
£13.993 in stockIce Mint6mg/ml
£13.9910 in stockIce Mint12mg/ml
£13.9910 in stockIce Mint18mg/ml
£13.993 in stockJelly Babies3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockJelly Babies6mg/ml
£13.996 in stockJelly Babies12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockJelly Babies18mg/ml
£13.991 in stockMenthol3mg/ml
£13.9910 in stockMenthol6mg/ml
£13.994 in stockMenthol12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockMenthol18mg/ml
£13.993 in stockPeppermint3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockPeppermint6mg/ml
£13.993 in stockPeppermint12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockPeppermint18mg/ml
£13.995 in stockPink Lemonade3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockPink Lemonade6mg/ml
£13.993 in stockPink Lemonade12mg/ml
£13.994 in stockPink Lemonade18mg/ml
£13.993 in stockRed Air3mg/ml
£13.993 in stockRed Air6mg/ml
£13.994 in stockRed Air12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockRed Air18mg/ml
£13.995 in stockRY4 Tobacco3mg/ml
£13.994 in stockRY4 Tobacco6mg/ml
£13.994 in stockRY4 Tobacco12mg/ml
£13.999 in stockRY4 Tobacco18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockSpecial Menthol3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockSpecial Menthol6mg/ml
£13.997 in stockSpecial Menthol12mg/ml
£13.993 in stockSpecial Menthol18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockStrawberry Cheesecake3mg/ml
£13.992 in stockStrawberry Cheesecake6mg/ml
£13.993 in stockStrawberry Cheesecake12mg/ml
£13.993 in stockStrawberry Cheesecake18mg/ml
£13.991 in stockStrawberry3mg/ml
£13.993 in stockStrawberry6mg/ml
£13.993 in stockStrawberry12mg/ml
£13.996 in stockStrawberry18mg/ml
£13.994 in stockTutti Fruity3mg/ml
£13.993 in stockTutti Fruity6mg/ml
£13.991 in stockTutti Fruity12mg/ml
£13.993 in stockTutti Fruity18mg/ml
£13.992 in stockVanilla Ice Cream3mg/ml
£13.994 in stockVanilla Ice Cream6mg/ml
£13.994 in stockVanilla Ice Cream12mg/ml
£13.992 in stockVanilla Ice Cream18mg/ml


Multi Pack of 10x 10ml Bottles

Good Value Range

Dainty’s 10ml Range

Try our Classic Dainty 10ml Range!


Product Information:

VG/PG Mix: 50/50

Size: 10ml

Strengths: 3, 6, 12, 18mg

TPD Compliant



Please note we can not split packs


All liquid comes in individual boxes within a outer sleeve

Really great value

E-liquid has a best before date on the bottle



Apple and Mango


Apple Pie

Black Jack

Blackcurrant Menthol

Blue Slush ( Mellow blueberry with the coolada to replicate that cold slush taste)



Cherry Cola

Cherry Menthol




Fruit Salad

Grape and Blackcurrant

Iceberg (A fruity inhale followed by an ice-cool exhale)

Ice Mint

Jelly Babies



Pink Lemonade

Red Air ( A zesty fruity red berry and aniseed flavour )

RY4 Tobacco ( A mix of traditional tobacco favour mixed with caramel and vanilla for a smooth vaping experience.)

Special Menthol (A special mix of menthol and mints to refresh the palate)

Strawberry Cheesecake


Tutti Fruity

Vanilla Ice Cream



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We Dispatch Monday To Friday Cut off 1pm

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The tracking number will confirm only when item has been delivered. (not a full tracked service)

Delivery time:

Normally Next day ( if you order before cut off , but please give a extra 3-7 days as there can be delays

Additional information


Apple and Mango, Apple, Apple Pie, Black Jack, Blackcurrant Menthol, Blue Slush, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Cherry Cola, Cherry Menthol, Cherry, Coffee, Cola, Fruit Salad, Grape & Blackcurrant, Iceberg, Ice Mint, Jelly Babies, Menthol, Peppermint, Pink Lemonade, Red Air, RY4 Tobacco, Special Menthol, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry, Tutti Fruity, Vanilla Ice Cream


3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 18mg/ml


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