Vampire Vape Shortz E-Liquid 50ml E Liquid 0mg 7030 VGPG Premium Liquid


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£9.995 in stockWatermelon Mojito
£9.991 in stockCool Red Slush
£9.995 in stockStrawbizzle
£9.992 in stockPurple Fusion
£9.992 in stockBlue Cocktail
£9.991 in stockCool Yellow Slush
£9.991 in stockCool Blue Slush
£9.996 in stockRhubarb and Ginger
£9.994 in stockGrapefruit Sunrise
£9.993 in stockHighland Soda
£9.992 in stockSourade
£9.997 in stockCool Green Slush


Vampire Shortz 70ml bottle 50ml shortfill

Shortz is a fanciful range featuring 50ml shortfill bottles 0mg (no nicotine) that are inspired by the nations favourite beverages.

The Shortz range was first introduced in 2018 with the original four featuring flavours of the childhood classic beverage, the slushy.

Shortz comes in a higher VG juice featuring a 70VG/30PG mix. High VG juice is most suited for sub ohm tanks that can handle the thicker juice.

The Watermelon Mojito Vampire Vape Shortz

is an intoxicating e-liquid with a fruit and mint combo. It’s a divine mixture that captures the freshness of the watermelon and mint. Infused together the duo makes an invigorating, delightful and downright tasty juice that gently evokes your senses.

Cool Red Slush – Vampire Vape Shortz

Rejuvenate your palate with this sweet blend of the nation’s favourite red fruits featuring strawberries and raspberries. This fruit blast is nicely enhanced by a cooling undertone that takes the vape to a whole other level.
It’s the classic bright red slush that is both fun and flavoursome.

Strawbizzle – Vampire Vape Shortz

Strawbizzle is a rejuvenating liquid that is like no flavour out there. The standard strawberry flavour has been flipped on its head producing a liquid that is nothing short of revolutionary. With each inhale you’ll taste the sweet strawberry that is quickly enhanced with a sherbet zest and cool undertone, sending your mouth into a euphoric fizzle twizzle.
This unique tasting liquid is a one of a kind blend with a sweet nature and zesty afterbite.

Purple Fusion – Vampire Vape Shortz

Purple Fusion is a juicy addition to the Shortz collection that comes with a magnificent blend of grape and pineapple with a cool undertone. It’s a one of a kind e-liquid that is brimming with lush flavours.
This fruit cocktail is an outstanding flavour that perfectly captures the strong, sweet taste of the combined fruit flavours. With the pineapple and grape working in harmony to give a well-rounded fruit blast making each inhale a tasty pleasure. These flavours are heightened by the cool breeze that lifts the flavour, leaving a tangible taste behind.
These two flavours make one delightful liquid that could easily become your go-to morning vape.

Blue Cocktail – Vampire Vape Shortz

Blue cocktail, the sweet and fruity kicker with a delicate strawberry aftertaste. The fruit flavours blend together, creating a light and delicious e-liquid. It’s nothing short(z) of refreshing and it truly is an enjoyable juice to vape.

Cool Yellow Slush – Vampire Vape Shortz

Cool Yellow Slush is a unique tropical fruit flavour with an icy undertone. The ripe sweet pineapple and mango flavours are strongly represented in this shortfill bottle. These sweet fruit flavours are brilliantly enhanced by a subtle cooling sensation.

Cool Blue Slush – Vampire Vape Shortz

Invigorate your senses with this fruity fusion of blueberries and raspberries with a cooling undertone. The simple fruit mix has been flipped on its head as the icy cool component intensifies the flavour giving an all-around better vape.

Inspired by the classic childhood treat, the blue slush. This shortfill bottle is crammed with flavour that is perfect for rejuvenating your taste buds.

Rhubarb and Ginger – Vampire Vape Shortz

Rhubarb and Ginger is one mighty juice that captures the tanginess of the rhubarb and the sweet, spiciness of the ginger. Together these flavours make a mighty vape that is well-balanced and flavoursome.

Grapefruit Sunrise – Vampire Vape Shortz

Grapefruit sunrise is a moreish mixture that is tantalisingly sweet and full of flavour. This juice is a definite contender as an ADV as it perfectly replicates the ripe grapefruit flavours, leaving behind a mouth-watering taste.

Highland Soda – Vampire Vape Shortz

Highland Soda the fantastic flavour, inspired by Scotland’s second favourite libation, after Whiskey! The fizzy orange hints will make your taste buds tingle! This ingenious liquid is sure to cause a riot for all those Highland lovers, with its strong wholesome flavours. It’s a unique flavour that is distinctive in its own right and a definite contender for a place in your liquid collection.
You could say, it’s like freedom in a bottle…

Sourade – Vampire Vape Shortz

Sourade is an intense flavour that truly captures the ripeness of the lemon with a sharp sour kick. The blended citrus liquid is a brilliant choice for those with a hankering for all things sour. The zest of the lemon perfectly hangs in balance with the bite of the sourness giving a nice throat hit with every vape. Combine this with the burst of lemon with each hit, your taste buds will be sent into a flurry as you experience the tantalising fresh and fruity oomph.

Cool Green Slush – Vampire Vape Shortz

Feel refreshed with Cool Green Slush, the lime-infused liquid is ripe with flavour. The zest of the lime is perfectly replicated in the juice giving an exhilarating vape. This delightful flavour is heightened by an icy undertone.

It’s a monster of a juice that has been created to give you the ultimate refreshing vape.

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