EDGE Pro Vaping Device Starter Kit


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EDGE Pro Vaping Device Starter Kit

Enter the Next Generation of All-Day Vaping. The new EDGE Pro combines innovative design with robust practicality, delivering the ultimate companion for your vaping journey. With simplicity, efficiency and versatility at its core, the EDGE Pro is an all-in-one vaping solution, providing effortless satisfaction, every day.


An Innovation in Coil Technology

The Pro´s patented Rapid Release Coil technology means you can swap out your coils in record time, getting you vaping again in seconds. With A simple twist and pull action, Pro coils make the maintenance process faster than ever before.


Rapid Re-Filling, Without the Mess

The EDGE Pro features an external filling port for unbeatably quick and easy re-filling. Together with the Rapid Release Coil, you´ll be able to swap out coils effortlessly and re-fill in mere seconds, without getting liquid on your skin or ever opening your tank.


A Revolution in Hygiene

The all-in-one construction of every coil means that each one comes complete with a fresh built-in mouthpiece with every coil change, optimising hygiene and helping to guarantee your total satisfaction with every puff.


Form and Function

With a robust 1500mAh battery, the Pro will give you great performance even during long periods of use. Packed into a durable metal body, the Pro has been designed to be sleek and convenient. The 1.2 ohm coils have been designed to work seamlessly with all liquids, from standard 50-50 ratio e-liquid, to High VG and CBD liquids too, giving you a consistent and smooth vape every time.


The EDGE Pro – Everything Your Old Vape Isn’t

Each pack contains:

  • EDGE Pro rechargeable battery
  • EDGE Pro tank
  • x1 1.2 ohm coil
  • User Guide


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