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Vype ePen 3 Starter Kit -Vpro With 12mg Nicotine Salt Pods- Black


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Vype ePen 3

Introducing the next generation Vype ePen 3, the new Vype ePen 3 vPro designed for modern vaping using nicotine salts. “Nicotine salts occur naturally in tobacco leaves and Vype add them to our vPro cartridges to improve flavour and satisfaction”. The new ePen combines simplicity with performance. With an all-new interchangeable design, this sleek pod kit has an impressive performance-driven battery for a more satisfying vaping experience.


ePen 3 Features

The Vype ePen 3 vPro is a vape pod starter kit bundled with two cartridges containing replaceable flavoured nicotine salt pods. This starter kit is an upgrade from the classic ePen and standard ePen 3, with a new easy-to use interchangeable pod design, enabling you to click in your cartridges on the go. Bringing together convenience and performance, this rechargeable vape pod has an impressive integrated 650 mAh battery, delivering great flavour and powerful vapour at the touch of a button. 


This sleek kit has a compact design with soft-touch metallic colours and one simple fire button for easy operation to get a satisfying vape.


If you’re a beginner looking to venture into the world of vaping or an expert who desires something simple to use on the go, then the Vype ePen 3 is the perfect kit with everything you need.


Vype ePen 3 vPro Starter Kit Specifications:

650mAh rechargeable battery

Convenient click in and out vPro pods

High-performing battery

Improved vapour delivery

Fully charged in two hours

Compact design

Soft-touch metallic colours

Ergonomic design

Colours available: Graphite Black, Silver

Vype ePen 3 Starter Kit Contents: 

1 x Vype ePen 3

2 x Vype ePen 3 vPro Cartridges (Master Blend & Crushed Mint) in 12mg/ml

1 x Micro USB charging cable

1 x User guide – please read before use

Vype ePen 3 Nic Salts

Vype refill pods contain Master Blend nic salt based e liquid which is known to offer a smoother vape whilst giving a faster nicotine delivery. Vype’s Master Blend Tobacco has a dry roast tobacco flavour with mild undertones and is similar to the smoking experience. The Crushed Mint flavour contains an even mix PG VG blend which offers a rich intense minty flavour while giving reassuring vapour. Nic salts used with the ePen 3 are an ideal way to make the transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping.


How to use the Vype ePen 3

To start using your Vype pod kit, simply click a Vype ePen 3 cartridge onto your fully charged battery and press the button three times to turn the vape pod on. Then hold the down the button while taking a drag to activate the vape pod. It’s that simple to use your new Vype ePen 3.




Please note: the ePen 3 vPro starter kit is only compatible with vPro cartridges and is not refillable. Regular e-liquids cannot be used with this product.


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